The ASSF is the recognised trade association for commercial trout fisheries in Scotland. Its main roles are to promote and  represent member interests at all levels throughout the UK and beyond, and to actively raise the professional standards of commercial fisheries in Scotland.

1. “Can any fishery join the ASSF ?”

No, only fully commercial fisheries are eleigible to join the ASSF. This means most club waters cannot join.

2. “What makes ASSF waters different from other commercial fisheries?”

Professionals manage all our member waters and therefore you know that the fishery will be well run on a day to day basis.Only waters that can comply with our minimum levels of standards are eligible to join the ASSF. These minimum standards include everything from the state of the car park and toilets to good fish management practices.”What happens if I have an accident at an ASSF water?” Hopefully that will never happen as our members pride themselves on the levels of maintenance they carry out at their waters.However, if the worst does happen then it is good to know that at all ASSF waters you are guaranteed to be covered by Public Liability Insurance. It is a condition of membership that fisheries must have Public Liability Insurance. This is not always the case with other fisheries as there is no requirement in law to have any cover whatsoever.

3. “Am I guaranteed to catch a fish if I come to an ASSF water?”

Unfortunately there are no guarantees when it comes to catching fish! What our members do provide is a professionally run fishery that is well stocked with good quality fish. Free advice is always available to anyone who needs it, be they beginner or expert. Never forget that our members really want people to catch fish so that they will have a day out to remember. We all know that if anglers keep having blank days then they will simply stop coming back to the fishery. Our fisheries are run as businesses and we therefore want anglers to come back again and again, and continue to enjoy their angling.

4. “Do ASSF waters run any special events or competitions.”

Yes, the ASSF runs events that only take place at member fisheries as well as taking part in other national events.

5. “Does the ASSF have a complaints procedure?”

Yes the ASSF does have such a process that anglers can use if necessary. If an angler has a serious complaint with a fishery then he should initially take it up in writing with the relevant fishery. If the problem cannot be solved then the angler should contact our Secretary in writing and it will be raised at the next Council meeting. We do take any complaints very seriously and we will do our best to sort things out in a quick and professional manner. We are pleased to say that such complaints are few and far between due to the high professional standards that we maintain.

6. “I have never fly fished in Scotland before. Do I need any special equipment?”

The simply answer to that is no. There are obviously special flies etc which are peculiar to a certain area but they are not essential. Just bring along your normal fly fishing gear and it will probably be fine. If you are still not sure then do not hesitate to contact the fishery and they will be able to supply you with all the information you need. ASSF waters attract anglers from all over the world and are therefore used to answering these sort of questions.

7. “Can I get casting tuition or tackle hire at a fishery?”

Many member fisheries will happily arrange casting lessons for you. Even if they do not have an instructor on site then they can usually supply you with a contact name and phone number. Tackle hire is often available but this varies from fishery to fishery and therefore it is always best to enquire in advance to check details.

8. “Can ASSF waters arrange accommodation for me?”

Some member fisheries do have accommodation on site or have contacts locally. If not, then they should be apply to supply you with the telephone number of the local Tourist Information Office where full lists of accommodation etc can be obtained.

9. “When is the trout season in Scotland?”

The brown trout season in Scotland runs from the 15th March to 6th October, inclusive. There is no official close season for rainbow trout in Scotland. Because of this many ASSF fisheries stay open all year and the fishing can still be very good in the winter months. However, some of the larger waters do close in the winter months, due to their geographical position etc, and therefore it is always best to enquire in advance. As a general rule of thumb, nearly all fisheries will be open for a minimum of April through to October. All member fisheries are open seven days a week.

10. “Do I need a rod licence in Scotland?”

There is no system of rod licences in Scotland (the situation is different in England and Wales) and therefore all you need to do is buy a permit for the day you wish to fish.

11. “Do I need to book fishing in advance?”

ASSF waters are extremely popular and therefore it is always advisable to book in advance. However, on many occasions fishing can be made available at very short notice. As we all hate turning anglers away it is recommended that you contact the fishery in advance if you are travelling any distance. Bookings can usually be made anything up to a year in advance.

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